Friday, March 5, 2010

The Love of Siam Soundtrack, Awards

If the story is one of criteria to rate a movie, no Filipino movies can beat The Love of Siam. It is proven by many STARSENSATION followers who gave critical response via comments and surveys. The Love of Siam is part of STARSENSATION Christmas Treat.

This movie dominated Thailand's 2007 film awards season, winning the Best Picture category in all major national film award events, including the Thailand National Film Association Awards, Starpics Magazine's Starpics Awards, the Bangkok Critics Assembly Awards, Star Entertainment Awards, and Kom Chad Luek Newspaper's Kom Chad Luek Awards.

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Best Supporting Actress

Best Director

Best Picture


  1. this movie was terific.
    i watch this many times.
    hope that filipino indie film makers can make this kind of movie.

  2. they truly deserve the honor and awards that they have received..

  3. this is not a gay movie.. for me this is the true love story of life.... its show how to love,to give up,fight,sacrifice and wait for the one you love... it makes me crazy when i watch it...

  4. i really like the way the movie was realized and it made me conclude one thing, same reason that one of the characters in the movie did, that is to hope for the one you love and wait for that person because true love waits... great job starsensation....

  5. it was the most memorable and touching movie i ever watch in whole life. its ironic to tell but i can no longer take to watch it again because it really breaks my heart.Congratulations to all the people of this movie! the two leading young actors are great! God Bless this movie!

  6. koitoz of phil.cebu
    The movie was really great and i almost cried when the movie is about to end, i agree this not a gay movie is all about love, family and friendship, don't criticize people that seems to be in love by same gender,we also human being we love and deserve to be loved.

    to tong and mew good luck to your carrier
    to all who fell in love just be yourself

    let the love search you
    be yourself


  7. john27...
    this film is so great also the story...
    this film is about love with no boundaries...
    when the film was about to end and the story tells the whole meaning I do cried a lot 'coz that was so touching...also the meaning of the songs...I will never forget this movie...",)

  8. filipino movies is way too much sexual exploration to spice up their movie..but hey,, this movie still great even though without any sexual, to all filipino director, just play with ur artistic work on the storyline rather than just put uneccessary sexual implicit content...